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If you are looking for a permanent solution for the replacement of your lost teeth, consider dental implants performed by the Smile Design Center of Westchester. Dental implants are anchors made out of the strongest titanium materials, that are implanted into the bone and then covered with a cap or denture. They are a revolutionary solution for missing teeth that is easier to live with than dentures.

If you have missing teeth or if your dentures are loose-fitting, and you want to restore your beautiful smile, make an appointment today with the Smile Design Center. We will evaluate the state of your dental health and prescribe a customized course of treatment that may include dental implants. Within a few weeks or a few months, we will restore your smile to its former dazzling glory.

Advantages of Implants

After the handy-work of our highly experienced dental experts, no one will be able to tell the difference between your natural teeth and implants. You will regain a smile that looks, feels and functions much like the natural smile that you used to have before you lost your teeth. You will also regain normal speech and enjoy an unrestricted diet and never worry much about maintenance of your implants. Your oral health will improve dramatically as the implant provides comfort and stability for your mouth. Another advantage of implants is that neighboring teeth do not need to be filed down to make room for the implant. Best of all, implants are stronger than natural roots and will never require a root canal therapy or filling. Can you think of a better solution than implants?

Lost Bone Tissue? No Problem!

You may be worried that you lost your bone tissue so you cannot have implants. Actually, you can! If you lost your teeth long ago and the supporting bone tissue disappeared, Dr. Sapozhnik will begin your treatment by performing bone grafts. Once the bone has regrown, he can then put the implants onto the strong new bone. Within a few months, you will have your new dazzling smile!

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